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The Palingbeek

During the First World War ‘De Palingbeek' was located in the frontline, in the centre of the Ieper Salient, which was defended fiercely by the British troops. The highest peak was called ‘The Bluff', known with the Germans as
‘Die Grosse Bastion'. This place was hit several times by underground mines from both armies. The ‘Great Mine Warfare' in Mesen on June 7th 1917 also left its traces in ‘De Palingbeek' and surroundings, among which Caterpillar Crater and Hill 60.

Nowadays the Provincial Estate ‘De Palingbeek' is about 230 ha. The domain exists of ‘Molenbos', ‘de Vierlingen' and the Old Canal. You can visit the visitor's centre, the Astrolab Iris and the environmental farm.

‘De Palingbeek' is a paradise for walkers of all kinds. The walking network map Ieper Salient can be a very good manual. (only in Dutch or French available)