• Tyne Cot Cemetery
  • Hooge Crater Cemetery
  • Pool of Peace

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The Battlefields - sites around Ypres

Between 1914 and 1918 hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought doggedly over this cramped corner of the Western Front in four years of concentrated warfare.

The desolate battlefield landscape that defines the Salient's horrors in popular memory is long gone but many reminders of the profound impression the war made here, remain today.

Hill 60Many people visit the war graves of Tyne Cot Cemetery or want to see an actual trench like the Yorkshire Trench.

Other popular and interesting battlefield sites around Ypres: Hill 60, German cemetery in Langemark, Essex Farm Cemetery - site John Mc Crae, Bayernwald or Pool of Peace - mine crater - in Wijtschate and many more...