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  • Ramparts
  • In Flanders Fields Museum
  • Cloth Hall -  Poppy Appeal

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Trips in Ypres

City Walks with city guide

All guided walks need to be pre-booked at least 2 weeks beforehand through Tourist Office Ieper.

Getting acquainted with Ypres

The guide takes you along the highlights of Ypres. He covers shortly the rich history and takes the group among others to the Saint Georges Memorial Church, the beautiful interior of Saint Martin's Cathedral and the council chamber of the City Hall. A short stop on the Market Square to admire the impressive Cloth Hall before ending the walk under the Menin Gate.

Guide: € 60 (max. 25p/guide)  - From 1 January 2019: € 70 (max. 25p/guide)

Duration: 2 hours 

Ypres in the Middle Ages

The guide leads you through the rich past of  Ypres during the Middle Ages: you parade along the prominent Cloth Hall, the imposing Saint Martin's Cathedral, the romantic Lapidarium,... etc.

Guide: € 60 (max. 25p/guide) - From 1 January 2019: € 70 (max. 25p/guide)

Duration: 2 hours

Ypres and World War One

During this walk the guide takes the group to the main WWI sites in the centre of Ypres. The moving Menin Gate, the Irish Cross and the sober Saint Georges Memorial Church are vivid witnesses of the war past in the city. In between  the story of the war and the reconstruction is aborded. This walk is an excellent introduction on the visit of the In Flanders Fields Museum.

Guide: € 60 (max. 25p/guide)  - From 1 January 2019: € 70 (max. 25p/guide)

Duration: 2 hours 

The Ramparts of Ypres

The ramparts of Ypres are the best preserved in the country. Their story started ten centuries ago when the city originated on the banks of the Ieperlee. Initially the ramparts were little more than an earth wall with moats. The visitor views an audiovisual presentation of 1000 years ramparts history and city development in the ammunition dump. Further on passing the Burgundian Towers to the Lille Gate. A thirst quenching stop can be inserted in café 'Klein Rijsel'. moving on passing the passerelle towards the Menin Gate, last stop of the walk.

Guide: € 90 (max.25p/guide) - From 1 January 2019: € 105 (max. 25p/guide)

Duration: 3 hours

Shortened version - 2 hours (Menin Gate towards Lille Gate or ammunition dump towards Lille Gate) - € 60 - From 1 January 2019: € 70 (max. 25p/guide)