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Trips in Ypres

Other Activities

Brewery Kazematten

Brewery Kazematten is located in the heart of Ypres within the ancient walls surrounding the city. The unique ‘Kazematten van het Houten Paard' date back to 1680 and have been transformed into an authentic brewery.

Wipers Times 14, a blond craft beer of 6,2 % ABV, is the first beer of the new city brewery of Ypres ‘Brouwerij Kazematten'. The brewery became also the new safe haven for the unique Belgian ‘Grotten Santé'.

Are you curious about the history of the site, the day-to-day action of the brewery or the story behind its rise? We would like to welcome you to one of our brewery tours.

Open brewery - Every Saturday from 3 pm until 5 pm
Private Tour - on Reservation

Price: € 12/pp (for 90 min.) - € 6/pp (for 60 min.)

Duration: 1 hour or 1,5 hour

Reservation: info@kazematten.be or vizit@kazematten.be

Rowing on the moats of the Ramparts

The Ramparts are at their best to be seen from the water. A walk along the idyllic bridge of Restaurant Pacific Eiland leads you to the 11 rowing-boats each suitable for 4 persons. A unique opportunity to subside. Afterwards you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace of the restaurant.

Price: €2/pp

Duration: 30 minutes

Closed on tuesdays

The Longest Hour

What is an ‘escape game'? It's in the name itself: you need to escape and you have exactly 1 hour to do so! It's an exciting game based on teamwork and of course lots of fun! You need to look for objects (and use them), solve puzzles and maybe the most important: work as a team. A single player will not manage to finish the game; only as a team you make a chance to reveal all the mysteries and escape from the house. The game is based on the ‘escape-game'-computer games, but is much more intense. It's not a virtual environment, but it's for real! That's why it's suited for everybody, also for people who have never played a similar game. It's an unforgettable experience for friends, families, teambuilding, birthday- and bachelor parties, briefly: each group who likes to challenge a new experience!

Price: € 17/pp (group of 6) - € 20/pp (group of 3)

Duration: 1 hour

Reservations through www.escapegames.be. More information: info@escapegames.be

Wijngoed ZilvercruysZilver Cruys (Silver Cross) Wine Estate

The Zilver Cruys (Silver Cross) Wine Estate covers 8.75 acres with 12,000 vines. It is one of the most northern commercial vineyards in Europe, situated about 10 minutes' drive north of Ypres. The estate was established in 2008 and takes its name from the aluminium Cross of Reconciliation located nearby. This cross is a memorial to French troops who were gassed in this sector of the Western Front by the German trial of chlorine gas on 22 April 1915.

Visitors to the Ypres Salient are welcome to visit the wine estate for a guided tour of the vineyards and the wine cellar, enjoy a wine tasting and buy some unique Flemish wine. The wine tasting includes two still white wines and the Silver Cross famous liqueur called "Wipers Times". It can even be extended to the sparkling wines, one, the Wipers Poppy Wine, was already served in the House of Commons, proof that parliamentarians have great taste too.

Visits are made by appointment. Individuals in a party of less than 10 can either join another group or can be charged as a private visit at the group rate for 10 persons. Coach groups are welcome. Contact Filip by email or telephone to make your reservation.

Zilver Cruys ( Silver Cross) Winery, Diksmuidseweg 530, 8904 Boezinge

Telephone: +32 484 / 296 333

Email: info@zilvercruys.be

Website: www.zilvercruys.be

Adventurous sports
Sporttrack - dikkebusvijver

1000 en 1 activities for young and old, sportsminded or less sportsminden: paintball, mountainbike, pocketbikes, weird bikes, kicks, canoeing, shooting sports,etc...

So... "Sporttrack'is located between Ieper and Heuvelland, at 4km from the centre of Ieper on the banks of Dikkebus Lake

New: Dikkebusvijverhuis , Café with extensive terrace and view over the Kemmelberg.

Dikkebusvijverdreef 21, 8908 Vlamertinge
057 215 565 - GSM. 0475 455 666 - mail@sporttrack.be
www.sporttrack.be -  www.dikkebusvijver.be

LO: Visitor's centre Jules Destrooper

In this brand new visitor's centre, you can wander, quite literally, through the rich history of the world-famous biscuits from West Flanders. Plus, you can learn an enormous amount about how the Destrooper family bakes its refined biscuits today. During your visit one of our bakers provides detailed explanation, and of course you will have the opportunity to sample lots of products during the programme

Price: €4/p

Duration: 1,5 h

Guide:Free for groups

Closed on Sundays. Lo is locate at 24km from Ieper.

Watou: Brouwerij Sint-Bernardus

Our brewery has been expanding over the last few years. A hopfield right next to the brewery, a new warehouse, new offices and a tasting room have been added to the brewery site.

Tours are possible during the week or in the weekend, individually or in a group, in Dutch, English or French.

Price: € 12,50/pp included giftbag

Duur: 1,5h

Watou is located at 20km from Ieper.