Anzac Day


On 25 April, ANZAC Day, the deployment of the Australian and New Zealand troops is commemorated all over the world. On this symbolic day the 'Australian and New Zealand Army Corps' (ANZAC) entered the First World War in 1915 with the landing on Gallipoli.


  • 11.10 AM- Special Last Post at the Menin Gate
  • 11.45 AM- Parade to the Belgian Monument
  • 11.55 AM- Ceremony at the Belgian Monument
  • 12.30 PM- Belfry concert by Koen Cosaert
    *National hymn New-Zealand
    *National hymn Australia
    *Anzacs well done!
    *Pokarekare Ana
    *Flowers for ANZAC (L. Geloen)
    *And the band played Waltzing Mathilda
    *Waltzing Mathilda (arr. J. Courter)
    *Roses of Picardy
    *Land of hope & glory (Elgar)
    *There's a long, long Trail
    *Variations on 'Abide with me'
    *When I'm laid in earth (H. Purcell)
    *What a friend we have in Jesus
    *Selection of English songs (medley)
    *In Flanders Fields


From tue 25 April 2023, annually, elke 25e April

Following dates

Fri 25 April 2025, sa 25 April 2026, su 25 April 2027, tue 25 April 2028, wo 25 April 2029, thu 25 April 2030, fri 25 April 2031, su 25 April 2032, mo 25 April 2033, tue 25 April 2034


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