Ypres has numerous historical gems which are not as well known than the Menin Gate and the Cloth Hall. They definitely deserve a detour when you are exploring the city.

The Monastery Gate next to the Municipal Theatre and the Saint Martin's Cathedral is near the stone garden of the Lapidarium.

Near the Lille Gate you will find the wooden house. The house is the reconstruction of a 16th century house. In the early 19th century Ypres still had more than ninety wooden houses. The house is not open to visitors however. Het Steen is located in the centre of the Rijselstraat. It is the only preserved stone house of Ypres that dates back to the late 13th century.

Fish was sold on the Fish market - as the name suggests.  The fishmongers had to pay a toll in the old toll house (1899), also called Minck House.

Two pretty roofed stalls are a bit further away. You can reach the Vismarkt via the Vispoort with its large statue of the sea god Neptune. A bit further you will find the Vleeshuis, where meat was sold in the past.

On the Veemarkt you see two reconstructions of Guild houses. The very important waterway of Ypres in the past, the  Ieperlee, used for various purposes, now runs under the Veemarkt.

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