City Centre

Before 1914 Ypres was a prosperous provincial town with a glorious past. With its riding school and infantry barracks it was a garrison town. Thanks to the presence of many officers a considerable group of the Ypres population could lead a comfortable and even quite sophisticated life.

The rest of the inhabitants earned a living from the production of ribbon, lace, cotton and soap. The city has always managed to maintain its traditional structure which enables Ypres to still show its medieval charm to this day after the great renovation after the First World War.

Many buildings date back to that glorious era of which the Cloth Hall was most popular. Other buildings on the Market Square refer to that golden era.

Ypres also has many beautiful churches whose towers still mark the city's skyline to this day.

Ypres city centre is an excellent place to stroll through and discover the lesser known historical gems.

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