Deutscher Studentenfriedhof

The 'Deutscher Studentenfriedhof' in Langemark testifies to the same gloom. But the power of simplicity makes this cemetery very moving. Behind the monumental gate of pink Weserberg sandstone 44,304 soldiers are buried, 24,917 of them in a mass grave. All unknowns buried in various places before 1954 were brought together here.

Also buried in this cemetery are more than 3,000 cadets and student volunteers from the 22nd to the 27th Reserve Corps. In October 1914 (First Battle of Ypres) they fell during vain attempts to get closer to Ypres. That is why this cemetery is also called the 'Studentenfriedhof'. The four bronze soldiers figures of the Munich sculptor Emil Krieger give a special touch to this gloomy cemetery.

There is also a visitor center, free of charge.