Ieper is easily reachable by train- www.brail.be

The centre bus (centrumbus)(Line 1) has a daily traject between 9am and 4pm and on Sundays from 10am. This bus drives every 15 minutes between the stops at the railway station, de Rijselsepoort (Lille Gate) , de Sint-Pieterskerk (St Peters church), de Grote Markt (Market Square) en de Elverdingestraat (prison).

The city centre can also easily be reached from the parking at the Lille Gate

You can always take a public bus to an adjacent city - www.delijn.be

Taxi companies

Taxi Leo +32 (0)57 200 413 - http://www.taxileo.be/

Taxi Kurt +32 (0)57 360 900 - https://www.taxikurt.com/

Cheap Taxi +32 (0)56 100 120 - http://www.ases.be/


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