Kazematten - Houten Paard (Brewery De Kazematten)

The Casemates 'Houten Paard' were used as warehouse for ammunition and army material. They also were used as shelters and dormitories voor citizens and British troops during WW1.
A command post, a resting place and a field hospital were installed in 'Hôtel des Remparts' as the Casemates were ironically called. The British war paper 'The Wipers Times' was printed here. 
Nowadays a city brewery is settled in this unique location. Brewery Sint-Bernardus from Watou maintains the brewery 'De Kazematten'.

Every Saturday afternoon the brewer takes you on a tour through the brewery and ends - of course - with a tasting. 

Every half hour, between 3 pm and 5 pm, a tour starts (Dutch or English)

Houtenpaard 1, 8900 Ieper -

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